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GO.25 Dt.4-4-13 Guidelines for selection of Principals,PGTs,TGTs in Model Schools

GO.129 Dt.30-3-13 Service Rules Amendment-Age Concession for SC,STs

GO.20 Dt.23-3-13, 7New Govt Residential Polytechnics from 2013-14

GO.1251 Dt.14-3-13 “Other Duty” facility to the Principal Office Bearers of the APCSJSC Member Associations

GO.18 Dt.13-3-13 Two Notional Increments to Aided Apprentice Teachers

GO.358 Dt.11-3-13 Delegation Powers to C&DSE to Re-Admit D.Ed/D.El.Ed Students

GO.99 Dt.4-3-13 APSSSR1996–Amendment to Rule22 relating to Persons with Disabilities

GO.43 Dt.23-2-13 10,917 Teachr posts Sanctioned,required under the RTE Act

GO.60 Dt.15-2-13 Medical Reimbursement facility extended to Municipal Teachers

GO.17 Dt.11-2-13 procedure for admissions of students into Model Schools

GO.48 Dt.8-2-13 payment of salaries to Municipal employs/Teachers thru treasuries under 010

GO.289 Dt.8-2-13 RMSA sanction of Rs.137.36 crores under state share

GO.26 Dt.5-2-13 Provisional pension shall not be paid to Govt Servant who is convicted by a Criminal Court

GO.82 Dt.4-2-13 Professional Tax Amendments

GO.133 Dt.24-1-13 Drinkng Water Supply to 10104 Govt Schools in Rural Areas under NRDWP Coverage

GO.22 Dt.22-1-13 CPS Emps-90% of DA Arrears of earlier periods will be paid in Cash

GO.223 Dt.22-1-13 SSC Public Exams,March 2013 17New C-Category Centres

GO.21 Dt.21-1-13 Delegation Powers to Asst Directors to sanction APGLI Loans&Claims

GO.17 Dt.16-1-13 AP Muncipal Ministerial Subordinate Service Rules

GO.83 Dt.7-1-13 Constitution of a Committee to Study the Possibilities of Modifications in the APGLI Procedures

GO.343 Dt.22-12-12 Gratuity will be sanctioned to the next in line Beneficiary,if Family Pension Beneficiary Missed

Creation and sanction of 1476 SA(Spl Tchr)posts for Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage

GO.336 Dt.20-12-2012 CPS deducted from Emps who completed Apprenticeship,Training period before 1-9-2004 should be transferred to their GPF A/c

GO.805 Dt.19-12-2012 Constitution of Committee of Secretaries to study the structure of the School Edu Dept

GO.776 Dt.05-12-12 Permission to visit TN State to study the experiences in conducting TET with DSC

GO.34 Dt.4-12-2012 Committee Constituted for Protection of Child Rights

GO.307 Dt.03-12-2012 EOL may be Counted for sanction of Notional Increments & Pension

GO.696 Dt.29-11-12 Deputation/Working Arrangement of SAs to work as Lecturers in DIETs

GO.5363 Dt.22-11-12 General&Optional Holidays For the Year 2013

GO.298 Dt.15-11-12 Dearness Relief to Pensioners

GO.297 Dt.14-11-12 Enhanced DA@5.992%

GO.91 Dt.3-11-12 DSC-2012 Teacher Recruitment Rules & Guidelines

GO.635 Dt.2-11-12 Upgradation of 36 MP&Govt UP Schools into VIII Class in AP

GO.86 Dt.4-10-12 Inter District Transfers Schedule & Guidelines

GO.85 Dt.20-9-12 Recruitment of 36 Aided Posts & 9 Absorptions to Aided Posts

GO.84 Dt.17-9-12 HSHMs&MEOs have Competent Authority to grant Maternity Leave upto 180 Days for Lady Teachers

GO.536 Dt.15-9-12 Constitution of a Committee for State Level for scrutiny of Proposals of IDMI Scheme

GO.532 Dt.13-9-12 355 Girls Hostels Construction in Economically Backward Blocks

GO.83 Dt.13-9-12 Review of Six Point Formula-Repatriation of Teachers to their Respective Local Cadres

GO.355 Dt.11-9-12 Muncipal Teachers New Head of A/c& Permitting Health Cards

GO.348 Dt.6-9-12 Two Notional Increments to Muncipal Teachers

GO.250 Dt.6-9-12 DDOs are responsible for Deduction of CPS

GO.80 Dt.6-9-12 Creation of new Dy.EO Division at Siricialla,Karimnagar Dist

GO.245 Dt.4-9-12 Certain Amendments to Pension Rules-1980

GO.228 Dt.24-8-12 Electronic Pension Cum PF Final Withdrawl Application_Guidelines

GO.26 Dt.22-8-12 Two Notional Increments for Tribal Welfare Dept Teachers

GO.461 Dt.22-8-12 Setting Up of State Level Equity Working Groups According to RTE-2010

GO.454 Dt.18-8-12 Constituted a Committee for State Best Teacher Award

GO.186 Dt.14-8-12 Emps Health Care Fund Scheme_Operational Guidelines

GO.184 Dt.14-8-12 Implementation of Emps Health Care Fund Scheme

GO.Ms.No.74 Dt:9-8-2012 Extension of sports reservation (2%)

GO.427 Dt.8-8-12 Providing MDM to the Children Studying in NCLP Schools

GO.410 Dt.02-8-12 MDM_Enhancement Of Cooking Cost w.e.f 01-7-12

GO.414 Dt.02-8-12 Restrooms in the Remaining Four Dists for Girls

GO.409 Dt.2-8-12 Revision of Royalty on Nationalised Text Books-Constitution of Committee

GO.405 Dt.01-8-12 Formation of Task Force on School Sanitation at State&Dist Levels

GO.64 Dt.01-8-12 APOSS-Providing Flexible type of Non-Formal Edu at Different Levels

GO.400 Dt.31-7-12 Smt.B.Sheshu Kumari is posted as Adtnl Director,AP Model Schools

GO.399 Dt.30-7-12 RTI Act_Edu Dept-Designations of Officers_Revised Orders

GO.63 Dt.26-7-12 Compulsory Physical Education in the Schools

GO.62 Dt.24-7-12 Permission Orders for Revisoin Of Text Books 2012-13

GO.196 Dt.24-7-12 CPS-Instructions to Upload Contributions of Subscriber&Govt Matching Grant

GO.Rt.3401 Dt.23-7-12 Constitution of Standing Committee for Examining Relaxations

GO.102 Dt.19-02-1981 Grant of special casual leave to Govt Emps

MRPs on Outsourcing Reference Old GOs

GO.356 Dt.12-7-2012, 211 Crs Released for Construction of Kitchen Cum Store Rooms

GO.181 Dt.10-7-2012 Ban on Transfers of Employees

GO.56 Dt.6-7-2012 All the Vacancies of SGTs shall be notified without Blocking

GO.179 Dt.05-07-2012 New DR to Pensioners

GO.55 Dt.05-7-2012 Inclusion of VIII class in UP Schools to Implement RTE-2010 from 2012-13

GO.Ms.No.178 Dt.4-7-2012_DA Enhanced@5.992% to the State Govt Emps w.e.f 1st Jan 2012

GO.330 Dt.28-6-2012 Upgradation of 46 MPUP and Govt UP Schools in to High Schools

GO.Ms.No.169 Dt:25-6-2012 Extension of Lifting of BAN on Transfers

GO.Rt.316 dt 22.06.2012 Constitution of New Committee to Strengthen SCERT

GO.Ms.38 Dt.16-6-2012 Teachers Transfers Guidelines

GO.Ms.153 Dt.12-06-2012 Amendment to G.O.146 of Lifting ban on Transfers

GO.152,dt.12-6-2012 Economy in Expenditure for the Financial Year 2012-13

GO.421 dt 11.06.2012 Social Welfare Dept- Teaching,Non Teaching Staff Approval of Transfers Guidelines

GO.Ms.151 dt 08.06.2012 Payment Of Enhanced Gratuity to the Pensioners

GO.Ms.148,Dt.6.6.12 Revised GIS Tables

G.O.Ms.No.146 Dt.01-06-2012 Lifting of Ban on Transfers

GO.Ms.No.321 Dt:25-5-2012 Enhancement of MDM cost

GO.Ms.No.131 Dt:14-5-2012 Enhancement of existing ceiling of Loans sanctioned by APEWF

GO.Ms.No.200 Dt:10-5-2012 Payment of salaries to municipal/corporation teachers thru treasuries under 010

GO.Rt.No.2425 Dt:10-5-2012 Enhancement of interest rate from 8% to 8.6% on GPF & APGLI

GO.Ms.No.23 Dt:31-3-2012 Contingency charges from Rs.2/- to Rs.5/- per candidate for SSC exams

GO.Ms.No.82 Dt:29-3-2012 TG employs strike period treated as EL

GO.Rt.No.1228 Dt:28-3-2012 Rs.60 Crores matching fund from Govt towards CPS

GO.Ms.No.70 Dt:21-3-2012 Head of Account for RMSA posts

GO.Ms.No.25 Dt:2-2-2012 DA enhance from 29.96% to 35.952

GO.Ms.No.4 Dt:9-1-2012 Rules & Qualificaitons for DSC-2012

GO.Ms.No.7 Dt:9-1-2012 70% of RMSA post filled by promotions, 30%-Direct Recruitment

GO.Ms.No.3 Dt:7-1-2012 creation & sanction of 9569 RMSA SA posts

GO.Ms.No.171 Dt:30-12-2011 Remuneration to the persons involved in the conduct of examinations and spot valuation(APOSS)

GO.Ms.No.170 Dt:30-12-2011 Exemptions to the PH candidates appearing for the SSC & Inter(APOSS)

GO.Ms.No.169 Dt:29-12-2011 Adopting NCERT Text Books for VII,IX,X classes from 2013-14

GO.Ms.No.925 Dt:29-12-2011 Relaxation of minimum qualification with 7th class in tribal areas – Selection of Village Coordinators

GO.Ms.No.72 Dt:21-12-2011 Age concession to SCs & STs for the purpose fo Direct Recuitment

GO.Ms.No.654 Dt:13-12-2011 No depputation to teachers as PAs to MLAs & MLCs

GO.Ms.No.254 Dt:3-12-2011 Sancion of 12,351 posts at state, District in 355 Model Schools

GO.Ms.No.632 Dt:30-11-2011 Release of 72 Crores Census Amount

GO.Ms.No.162 Dt:18-11-2011 Permission accorded fill 968 posts in APREIS

GO.Ms.No.159 Dt:16-11-2011 Permission accorded fill 11,139 posts through new DSC

GO.Ms.No.602 Dt:01-11-11 APPSC Dept Test duration reduced to TWO hours

GO.Ms.No.152 Dt:01-11-11 Urdu Medium SGTs Limited Recruiment orders issued

GO.Ms.No.151 Dt:28-10-11 strike period full salary for Telangana Teachers

GO.Ms.No.319 Dt:27-10-11 Jawahar Bala Arogya Raksha - School Health Referral Guidelines

GO.Ms.No.488 Dt:25-10-11 Municipal Teachers Notional Increments Santion Orders

GO.Ms.No. 591 Dt:20-10-11 Dept Test Results anounced in APPSC website only

GO.Ms.No.42 Dt:19-10-11 3% Reservation in promotions for all catogories of disabled

GO.Ms.No.757 Dt:13-10-2011 constitution of committee to Revise the elementary cycle & upgrade all UP schools from 7th class to 8th Class

GO.Ms.No.758 Dt:13-10-2011 Register the KGBV society under the Societies Act of Andhra Pradesh to run all 743 KGBVs in AP

GO.Ms.No.226 Dt:29-9-2011 interest at 8% per annum on CPS contributions for legacy period 01-09-2004 to 31-03-2011

GO.Ms.No.134 Dt:16-9-2011 Strikes Prohibited in AP Residential Institutions Scociety- Hyderabad, Vizag

GO.Ms.No.135 Dt:16-9-2011 Strikes Prohibited in AP Residential Institutions Scociety for 6 months

GO.Rt.No.554 Dt:15-7-2011 Filling up of 750 Teachers posts in Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools-Permission Accorded

GO.Ms.No.22 Dt:02-7-2011 BCs age limit extended from 28 to 34yrs for govt jobs

GO.Ms.No.45 Dt:28-6-2011 Tribal Welfare Sub Ordinate Service Rules

Memo NO.14781 Dt:22-6-2011 Surrender ELs for the year 2011-12 (valid Memo for every year)

GO.Ms.No.69 Dt:27-5-2011 TWO Notionals to Untrained(SC,ST,BC) & Spl. VVs

GO.Ms.No.66 Dt:25-5-2011 (2009 Promotees eligible for Transfers)

GO.Ms.No.98 Dt:21-5-2011 Permission to travel anywhere in India on LTC once in entire service

GO.Ms.No.96 Dt:20-5-2011 Automatic Advancement Scheme(6/12/18/24)

GO.Ms.No.65 Dt:19-5-2011 General Rules relating to Regulation of Transfers

GO.Rt.No.419 Dt:17-5-2011 SSC Absolute Grading

GO.Rt.No.420 Dt:17-5-2011 Revised Mid Day Meals Cooking cost

GO.Ms.No.60 Dt:16-5-2011 Norms for Rationlisation of Schools, Posts and Staff - Modification orders

GO.Ms.No.93 Dt:14-5-2011 Lifting of Ban on Transfers

Rc.1570 Dt:10-5-2011 Additional Guidelines for Rationalisation

GO.Ms.No.69 Dt:28-4-2011 Apprentice period treating as qualifying service for the purpose of pension

Rc.No.1570 Dt:26-4-2011 DSE instructed all DEOs to take the exercise of Rationalisation of Teacher staff in schools on or before 05.05.2011

GO.Ms.No. 55 Dt:23-4-2011 Norms for Rationalisation of Schools, Posts and Staff of Govt/ZP/MPP/Muncipal schools

GO.Ms.No. 51 Dt:16-4-2011 Guidelines for conducting Teachers Eligibility Test(TET) under RTE-2009

GO.Ms.No. 50 Dt:16-4-2011 Permission to C&DSE to notify Urdu Medium 96 SGT post of DSC-06 & 227 SGT post of DSC-08 Limited Recruitment

GO.Ms.No. 177 Dt:13-4-2011 Action to be taken on those employs who participate in STRIKES after signing in attendance registers

GO.Ms.No. 59 Dt:11-4-2011 Enhancement of HRA from 12.5% to 14.5% & 10% to 12%

GO.Rt.No. 280 Dt:11-4-2011 Constitution of a Committee to formulate guidelines for Teachers Eligibility Test

GO.Ms.No. 54 Dt:6-4-2011 Revised insterest rate on GIS for the period 1-4-11 to 31-3-2012

GO.Ms.No. 23 Dt:1-4-2011 Andhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Educational Service Rules

GO.Ms.No. 52 Dt:1-4-2011 (45 Days Spl Leave for Hysterectomy operation)

GO.Ms.No. 51 Dt:1-4-2011 (Retirement Gratuity enhanced from 7lakhs to 8lakhs)

GO.Ms.No. 41 Dt:29-3-2011 (Newly created post of Director for RMSA)

GO.Ms.No. 68 Dt:28-3-2011 (No 10% cutting on Medical Reimbursement)

GO.Ms.No. 38 Dt:24-3-2011 (English as a 2nd language in 1st class from 2011-12)

GO.Ms.No. 28 Dt:1-4-2011 (HRA & CCA while on leave of all kinds)

GO.Ms.No. 29 Dt:9-3-2011 (HRA & CCA while on leave on grounds cancer, heart, Mental illness, Leprosy)

GO.Ms.No. 25 Dt:3-3-2011 (APGLI for Muncipal Employees except GHMC & GVMC)



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